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Gecko Interactive Media specialises in developing interactive software for whole class teaching using interactive whiteboards.   Our main focus is on curriculum topics related to Environmental Education, Science and Geography directed at  Primary School level. Certain programs, however, are also suitable for the Middle School.


These ready-to-use digital lessons are designed to engage and involve the children with colouful graphics, high resolution photographs and of course, the interactive components. 

Bruce Greig, the producer and publisher of these programs, is a qualified teacher with many years of experience both in and out of the classroom.  Fifteen years as an Environmental Teacher (in the field) has given him a deep knowledge and understanding of the fauna and flora and, equally important, the level at which to interact with children!  He has also had two booklets, A Water Study and Forest Fun - A Teacher's handbook, published.

He is also a part-time teacher and this gives him the opportunity to fully "test" new programs in a class teaching environment before releasing them.

    Get a free interactive Maths game for students to improve their addition skills, with the purchase* of any downloadable Map.  

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World maps (downloadable)

World maps (downloadable)
AUD $5.00
Map of Australia

Map of Australia's neighbours (downloadable)
AUD $6.50
Maps of Australia (downloadable)

Maps of Australia (downloadable)
AUD $6.00
The Restlesss Earth

The Restlesss Earth
AUD $39.95