Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

The teaching day is a very busy one and the preparation of lessons and lesson material can be very time consuming. We have produced and are busy working on a range of new interactive lesson modules for use on the Interactive Whiteboard.

These ready-to-use lessons will assist you to add sparkle, interactivity and student participation to your presentation. The incorporation of animated segments and sound clips will further enhance your lessons!  Each program also has a printable activity sheet or two to consolidate what has been learnt. 

Licences have been purchased from  a leading software developers to enable us to produce our own fun Games such a Word Search, Jigsaw Puzzle and Picture Puzzler.  These have been incorporated into many of the lessons.

Each of the Interactive Whiteboard lessons below has a slide show to enable you to view the main pages. Simply click on an image once you have opened the lesson page. Note that these pages are static and for display purposes only - they do not show any animations and the sound clips and  buttons will not work.

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  • Windows or Mac OS X

  • Adobe Flash Player

Some of our titles are now available as instant downloads , offering a considerable saving in delivery time and money!   Visit our 'Downloadables' page to view.

Lessons soon to be released:

  • Life Cycle of the bean - this thirteen page lesson supports the Australian National Curriculum: Life Cycles, Grade 4. The lesson looks at seeds, stages of germination, parts of the plant and their functions, how to grow your own bean and ending with a wordsearch and quiz.   A printable activity sheet is also included.

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