Food Chains

Food Chains

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Supports the Australian National Curriculum :Biological Science - Grade 4 and 7.

The 12 pages form the basis of this lesson but many more are included "leading off" from these. All the pages displayed here are static and all animations, buttons and functions are disabled to prevent any unauthorized use.

Additional Info:

Click here to view the interactives components of two of these pages.

Key Features

All animals are links in food chains. This 12 page lesson looks at what energy is and how this energy is transferred from one organism to the next. Food webs, the difference between predator and prey and the concept of a food pyramid are also explained. A step by step animation demonstrates what the balance of nature is and how this can be affected by external influences. Interactive activities such as creating food chains, grouping animals into feeding categories and a quiz will keep the students engaged. A printable activity sheet is also included in the program.